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Short Links - Made Easy

Providing the shortest links for social media and tracking. Enter your long URL above and a short URL is created. Use this short URL in social media (help maximize the limits of Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Limited Time Shortness

For a limited time we are allowing shortest links (3 characters, unlike many other shortener's 8). We will eventually increase this length but want to provide these short URLs while we can.


We don't know how to make it any cheaper, it's free! Yes: $0.00. It's free to create and utilize these URLs for personal and business usage.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does l3d.me cost?
To create and use short urls it's free! In the future we'll have premium accounts with more functionality, but creation won't change.
Why should I use a short url?
Give more space for your content, less to the link. It only makes sense!

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